Monday, April 23, 2012

ALEC EXPOSED: find out how it is influencing your state legislature

Editorial from, April 16, 2012

Embarrassed by Bad Laws

A year ago, few people outside the world of state legislatures had heard of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a four-decade-old organization run by right-wing activists and financed by business leaders. The group writes prototypes of state laws to promote corporate and conservative interests and spreads them from one state capital to another.    
The council, known as ALEC, has since become better known, with news organizations alerting the public to the damage it has caused: voter ID laws that marginalize minorities and the elderly, anti-union bills that hurt the middle class and the dismantling of protective environmental regulations.  READ MORE     

*  ACTIONCLICK HERE to tell TEXAS legislators to end their involvement in ALEC immediately and to make Texas the top priority instead of corporations.

*  ARTICLE "ALEC Exposed in MISSOURI:  Who is Writing our Laws?"
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a corporate bill mill that is exerting extraordinary and secretive influence in the Missouri legislature and in other states.

Through ALEC, corporations hand Missouri legislators wish lists in the form of "model" legislation that often directly benefit their bottom line at the expense of Missouri families. Numerous ALEC model bills are crafted behind closed doors by corporations, for corporations. Elected officials who are members of ALEC bring ALEC legislation back to Missouri as their own ideas and important public policy innovations, without disclosing that corporations crafted and pre-voted on the bills at closed-door meetings with legislators who are part of ALEC.  READ MORE 

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