Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ecological Literacy and Sustainable Livelihoods

Thanks to Elizabeth Riebschlaeger for sending in this article by Paul b. martin, ph.d., Marvel Maddox and Jolly Ellis; used with permission.

The real crisis in the world is not in the financial economy and its current state, … but rather, the crises in Nature’s economy. Moreover, we are not providing our children with the educational foundation for developing critical thinking and ethical decision-making skills, particularly with regard to these serious long-term ecological challenges.

Directly related to these crises in Nature’s economy is the fact that for the most part sustainable livelihoods do not exist in our very artificial conventional economic systems.  READ MORE



  1. This article had a lot of good and interesting points. We should really start teaching the future generations more about trying to conserve the environment. But we can't be hypocrites and just tell the future generations without us trying to be more careful with what we do to the earth. Kids learn a lot and act the way their elders do so we need to set a good example so the future generations can actually have a chance of experience what we have experienced.

  2. This is a very interesting article. As humans we are in charge of the earth that we live in, and we are responsibile for the good and bad effects. This is not a new idea, that we are not trained or taught on how to treat the earth properly. We need to begin in this generation and continue on with the future generations to come, if not we, as human society, will be facing severing consequences.