Thursday, April 26, 2012

We look after our planet: Declaration of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference

Thanks to Victor Mendoza for this Declaration of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference
The Bishops of the Catholic Church in Ecuador, moved by our pastoral mission of encouraging, accompany and guide the people of God from the Gospel, we want to contribute to the reflection on the relations of human beings among themselves and with the rest of creation; task in which are also committed several institutions and civil, social, educational and religious organizations as well as many men and women of goodwill.

In a very special way, we intend to offer pastoral guidelines that allow continuing dialogue on mining in our country, a subject so delicate, complex and controversial.
For better clarity, we will indicate some realities of our planet, a synthesis of the Christian vision of the nature and the commitments which we must take care of it.  READ MORE

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