Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We love you Iranians - We love you Israeli people

Thanks to Martha Ann Kirk for sharing the following video:

An ordinary Israeli father put out a message "We love you Iranians" and do not want war with you.  Hundreds of Iranians responded with a similar message:

While corporations profit from wars, let us continue to be aware that ORDINARY PEOPLE SUFFER FROM WARS. 


  1. This video was so inspiring to me. To live in a world where global tension does not exist between countries or continents is a place where thousands of people want to live. Many do strive to make that change and I am participating in a global-wide movement where hopefully it will make a difference and a step closer towards peace and friendship.

  2. I'm so happy to see people stand up in the midst of a war and show the hardships people face due to the cause of the war. Sometimes people only see the culture someone is from and automatically have a prejudice against them. In order to better this world, we need to start seeing the individual behind all the cultural differences and break down the barriers that separate us. We need to recognize God in every individual.

  3. When i saw this video for the first time it inspired me! Seeing it again today it does the exact same thing. Everyone wants to live in a world with little tension and to see average people taking a stand really speaks for its self. This is a beautiful video. We need to realize how much different cultural differences really affects people.