Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jewish Voice for Peace Passover Hagaddah 2012/5772

Thanks to Martha Ann Kirk for sending in a beauytiful Passover written by Jewish Voice for Peace praying for Palestinians.

Dear Friend,

Happy Passover!

Since we last gathered around the seder table, Palestinian Freedom Riders attempted to board Jewish-only buses in the West Bank to reach Jerusalem, a second flotilla of international human rights activists attempted to break the siege of Gaza, and the spirit of Tunisia and Tahrir square continued to spread around the world, birthing the Occupy movement in this country.

The story we tell each year around the seder table is a story that we are, according to
Jewish tradition, required to tell to our children generation after generation. In truth, I find, we actually tell it out of necessity. After all, our lives and experiences are part of the continuation of the liberation story of the Exodus. Our stories, too, are stories of solidarity and allyship, stories of healing and resilience, stories of celebration and gratitude.

This past June, as boats attempted to leave Greece and arrive in Gaza, we urged JVP supporters to step into Moses’ shoes and urge: Let our people go. Let the ships sail. Break the seige of Gaza.  READ MORE


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  1. The main thing that i got out of this article was the meaning behind traditions and the importance of them. i really like that Jews when celebrating passover share stories at the seder table. i found that to really be something amazing because for them that is a tradition that has been passed on through generations. That is how you keep traditions alive and in my opinion more people need to practice doing this.