Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Living Laudato Si - Colegio Santa Catarina

In this edition we want to highlight the leadership and commitment of the community of Santa Catarina School in Mexico because through their various ecological actions they are finding success in educating others to live their lives in a more sustainable way with our common home. 

Our Congregational Office of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation was inaugurated in October of 2015, and in that same month and year the Educational Center Santa Catarina (CESC) in Monterrey planted 90 asclepcias (blood flowers), one of the two species of plants which the monarch butterfly caterpillars rely on for food.  Through this initiative the created a butterfly garden and restored the tradition of a ‘school garden.’

With the support of the Directors, teachers, and staff they have been able to involve the student community in creating a special space for capturing and conserving water.  Additionally students have brought bags of garden soil and seeds for pumpkin, watermelon, carrot, jalapeno, tomato, basil, parsley, cilantro and onion.  What a treat for the earth, and to see all of this food growing it is a celebration of colors for the whole community. 

We are grateful to the CESC for these wonderful actions, because their concern for the monarch butterflies has inspired us a lot.  We can do so much good when we learn how to share!

The CESC continues their good work.  Besides the butterfly garden which we have mentioned, it is also important to mention their various recycling campaigns, their ongoing formation workshops on caring for creation, their participation in Congregational initiatives, and the many other actions that they are doing to integrate the whole community.

Thanks again for hearing the cry of the earth and 

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