Friday, August 11, 2017

Support Immigrants and DACA August 15

This coming Tuesday, August 15th, join with United We Dream to stand with immigrants in local actions at dozens of cities across the country. Click here to view a list of events.

Why we’re taking action now

When Donald Trump took office this year, he inherited two important programs that provide immigration status to about one million Americans -- Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the Temporary Protection Status (TPS) program.

DACA has provided about 800,000 Americans who arrived in the United States as children the opportunity to live and work in our communities free from fear of deportation. Similarly, TPS has given safe harbor to about 300,000 immigrants whose countries have suffered major catastrophes.

This Tuesday, August 15th, is the five year anniversary of the first young immigrants being able to submit DACA applications for immigration relief. Now, under Trump, DACA and TPS recipients face the unthinkable prospect that they could be ripped from their homes, with DACA facing a major threat as early as next month.

What you can do to help

As the futures of these American lives hang in the balance, and there are two ways you can help.

First, show up at your local action on August 15th. Click here to find events near you. If there isn’t one listed for your region yet, sign up to host one.

Second, use your constituent power to take the future of the DACAmented youth out of Trump’s hands, by urging your members of Congress to co-sponsor the bipartisan DREAM Act -- S.1615 and H.R. 3591. Learn more about these bills with our explainer.

We will not stand by as nearly a million of our friends, neighbors, and co-workers fall into Trump’s deportation machine. Learn more here.

Trump is relying on a vocal minority to push forward his anti-immigrant agenda. This August 15th, remind him our vocal majority stands with immigrants. Visit for tools to show your support.

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team

P.S. Want to learn more about why DACA matters? Join us this Monday, August 14th, at 8:30PM ET for an immigration policy Q&A Facebook livestream with United We Dream and Indivisible.

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