Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bishops Issue Joint Statement on Climate Change

The heads of six continental bishops’ conferences have signed a rare joint statement urging political leaders to solve climate change.

The bishops’ call is clear:
We call for ambitious and immediate action to be taken in order to tackle and overcome the devastating effects of the climate crisis. These actions need to be taken by the international community at all levels: by persons, communities, cities, regions, nations.
The bishops’ statement is aimed at world leaders who are preparing for a UN climate summit in Poland this December. We pray thanks for the bishops’ leadership. Now, it’s our turn to respond.
We invite you to take three minutes today to share the statement with your pastor or another leader in your community. We’re all in this crisis together, and we’re all called to respond with the clarity and urgency the bishops have demonstrated.
  • The full statement is here.
  • A short email to your pastor or other leader is here: Dear Pastor, I’d like to share a statement that was recently signed by the heads of six continental bishops’ conferences. It calls all of us to take action now to protect our common home from the crisis of global warming. It is being covered in the press, such as in this article.  It is a powerful document, and I encourage you to read it in the light of our faith. With my sincere thanks,
  • If you’d like to tweet the statement at your president/prime minister, please find his or her Twitter handle here. Be sure to use the hashtag #TheClimatePilgrimage
The bishops say that “there is no time to waste.” I invite you to set aside a few minutes today to share this statement with your pastor or another leader.
Thank you for your witness and the witness of our Church!

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