Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Testimony from Serving Migrants in El Paso by Sr. Ceci Zavala CCVI

My experience at the shelter of El Paso was very hard because of the migrants’ suffering and struggles.  Most of the migrants (mother and child or father and child) arrived without dignity because the conditions of their journey or their time at the detention center made them to lose it.

It was also a joy to see them recover their dignity at the time they left the shelter.  That is why, the service at the shelter is simple HUMANITARIAN help.

I also enjoyed the team work of many, many, many volunteers. The donations (clothes, food, time) of many people gave me back HOPE; hope in the good will of people, hope that other world is possible…

By Sr. Ceci Zavala, CCVI 

Sr. Ceci Zavala CCVI

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