Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Last Night

1.2 billion people on our planet still live without electricity.  In Latin America alone, this number reaches 24 million people. What is it like to live without electricity or light in 2015? What is it like to live under the feeble flicker of a candle, an oil lamp, or a burning ocote branch? How can solar electricity change their way of life?

This story is an extract from “Doña Luz: Solar Mama Stories from Latin America”, a new book about human courage and determination, and fifteen indigenous women on a journey to solar energy.

For three months I traveled to eight different communities in Guatemala, Belize, Salvador, Ecuador, and Mexico, collecting the stories of fifteen mothers and grandmothers, who had been chosen by the nonprofit Barefoot College to train as solar engineers during six months in India. These women, who had never before traveled beyond their remote communities, left their husbands, children, their entire existence, to embark on a incredible journey to bring light to their communities... and a new life.

Read the full story here:  https://maptia.com/varial/stories/the-last-night  

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