Monday, September 26, 2016

Join the Pilgrimage Remembering CCVI History in San Antonio

A Pilgrimage Remembering Incarnate Word Sisters History and San Antonio Mission History in this Year of Mercy
For young people, for elders, and for all to learn, pray, make friends, and be renewed as we visit historical treasures in our city.
October 1, Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm
Let us recommit ourselves to mercy and to service as we visit where Franciscan priests came in 1731 and where Incarnate Word Sisters came in 1869.
Enjoy two of the Missions which UNESCO has designated World Heritage Sites and San Fernando, the oldest cathedral sanctuary in the United States.
Reflect in the beautiful Chapel of the Incarnate Word, a contemplative space which has given Sisters strength for mission and see the new Sisters Heritage Center Museum. 
Explore San Francisco de la Espada Mission where Incarnate Word Sisters taught.
Pray at Mission Concepcion where Father David Garcia, Director of the San Antonio Missions will celebrate a special Eucharist with the pilgrimage group.
Visit the San Fernando Cathedral Museum which has the chalice of Bishop Claude M. Dubuis who wrote a letter with an invitation that brought French young women to Texas to care for those in need and start the I.W. Congregation,  “Our Lord Jesus Christ suffering . . . seeks relief at your hands.” Learn of the Sisters orphanage and hospital down the street. Go through the special doors of the Cathedral praying that we might be transformed in this “Year of Mercy.”
As the number of orphan children increased in the 1800’s,  the Sisters built the downtown St. John’s Orphanage. In 1912 a terrible fire broke out. Eighty-nine orphan boys were saved, but two boys were killed. Five Sisters who were searching for the children in the fire were killed.
Seeking a place for the children, the Sisters build St. Peter’s  right across from Mission Concepcion in 1913. Children from the home, now called St. Peter-St. Joseph’s Home still attend worship in the mission.
Acclaimed Texas Historian and Chair of the initiative to document UIW’s role in San Antonio Tricentennial History, Dr. Gilberto Hinojosa will share information and insights.
Cecilia Elizondo Herrera, Global Service Coordinator in the UIW Ettling Center for Civic Engagement and a member of the San Antonio Mission Board invites you on this journey through time to open our hears to serve others. See and hear her at
Sister Martha Ann Kirk, University of the Incarnate Word Professor of Religious and Sister Marichui Bringas, Incarnate Word Sisters Vocation Director, invite you to learn more of the deep roots of the Incarnate Word Sisters because those can give us strength to grow, flower, and bring forth fruits of service today.                             

To register for the pilgrimage, please click here . For questions or issues, please call the Ettling Center 210-283-6423. 

To be assured bus transportation and lunch, register by September 26, 2016.  

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