Monday, September 19, 2016

Uniting Borders Against Human Trafficking

The network "A Cry for Life" organized the third seminar on human trafficking in Tabatinga, a region on the border between Brazil, Peru and Colombia. The seminar addressed the 'procedures to be followed in trafficking situations, relevant agencies and referrals to be taken in each of the border countries working against trafficking.’

The event was organized by the religious sisters: Sr. Eurides Alves de Oliveira and Sr. Roselei Bertoldo, regional coordinators of the Brazilian Network against Human Trafficking.  "A Cry for Life" had a total of 72 participants from the three countries.

Each representative shared the reality of trafficking, actions against trafficking, and the challenges they face to strengthen a safety net across the border. The result was a schedule of preventive activities which will mainly take place in schools.

Since 2012, the network of 'A Cry for Life' has been working on education to lower the levels of vulnerability of children in border areas of the Amazon. And the work against this crime requires joint efforts and ongoing education; only then can we cope with the challenges and the complexity of the phenomenon of human trafficking in the region.

It is worth mentioning that the network 'A Cry for Life' and Red Kawsay form part of the larger International Network 'Talitha Khum,' networks of religious life against trafficking.

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